Seals, Valves and Accessories

 American Wheatley Wheatley
Triple duty valves, suction diffusers, bladder type and plain steel pressure tanks, heat exchangers and air separators.
 CHESTERTON Chesterton
Mechanical seals of many types and styles for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial pumps.
 FLOMATIC Flomatic Valves
Flow and pressure control valves for any application. Standard products include butterfly, ball valves, ball check, flap style and poppet type valves.
Cartridge and component type seals for municipal, industrial and commercial pumps.
 mallusky Maska
Power transmission products including belts and sheaves, flex couplings and spacer couplings.
Standard and custom-made commercial pool filtration systems and products.
Engineered high performance pre-cut packing sets for all compression packing applications.
Odor control products for use in submersible sewage lift stations and manhole applications.
 LAKOS Lakos Separators and Filtration Solutions
A leading manufacturer of centrifugal separators and sand filters for the ground water, industrial, municipal and irrigation markets. Also useful in applications that require removal of sand or other particulates from fluid streams.
 usvalve US Valve
Manufacturers of high-performance resilient hinged double disc check valves and specialty ball valves.
 logo USF Fabrication
Custom steel fabrication, steel grating & rolling, aluminum floor access doors.

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